All pastries and other goodies in our bakery (yes, including apple cider donuts) are made year-round, so you never have to be without your favorite treat!  We hand-make them all fresh in our own kitchen.


As a result of our attempts to give you the freshest baked goods possible, not all flavors will be available at all times.  If you would like specific flavors, please call and place an order. 518-371-3100.


Ordering pastries to bring to a party or a meeting? Ask about our pastry platters for a pretty treat that's sure to be a hit!


Bear Claw $3.50
Brownies $1.50
Cider Donuts $1.00
6/5.50     12/9.00
Cinnamon Twists $2.00
Cookies, Halfmoon $2.50
Cookies, Homemade $0.75
6/4.50     12/8.50       
Muffins $1.59
6/8.00     12/15.00
Muffins, wrapped and labeled $1.79
6/9.00     12/16.50
Pies, 9" Apple Pies $14.00
        6" 7.00
Pies, 9" Fruit & Pumpkin Pies $15.00
        6" 7.00
Pies, 9" Premium Pies $16.00
        6" 8.00
Scones $2.00
Squares, Apple or Pumpkin $2.00
Tea Breads $6.50
Turnovers $2.50



**Our kitchens process nuts (peanut free), dairy & wheat products. Trace amounts may be present. See our allergy information page for more details.**

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