Ordering pastries to bring to a party or a meeting? Ask about our pastry platters for a pretty treat that's sure to be a hit!
If we make more than one flavor of an item we'll use an assortment of our more popular varieties, or you can pick your own!

Is your platter for a special occasion? Add a bow for just $1.00

 *Full Size is as described. Half Size is half of the amount shown.


Breakfast Meeting

Early morning get-together?
How about our Breakfast Meeting Platter to start things off?
With 6 Bagels, 6 Cream Cheese Cups, and 12 Apple Cider Donuts, this platter is sure to get things off to a great start!

Full Size $22.99               Half Size $13.99

Coffee Break

Time for that mid-morning recharge? Try our Coffee Break Platter!
With 4 Bear Claws, 10 mini-Brownies, and 10 mini-Cinnamon Twists, this pastry platter is a perfect partner for that cup of java!

Afternoon Tea

Two Fruit Tea Breads combined with 4 Turnovers and 18 Homemade Cookies make this platter just enough to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner.

Full Size $41.99               Half Size $22.99
Go Nuts for Donuts! 

Need we say more? Two dozen Apple Cider Donuts... a favorite any time of the year.

Full Size $23.99               Half Size $12.99
Sweet Tooth

The platter for those who need that little something sweet. You'll find 6 Brownies and 6 mini-Cinnamon Twists plus 8 Dutch Apple Squares. All are sure to satisfy.

Full Size $34.99               Half Size $18.99
Crazy for Cookies

This platter is sure to please everyone at your gathering. Four dozen assorted Homemade Cookies.

Full Size $39.99               Half Size $20.99
Time for Tea

Four of our delicious Fruit Tea Breads arranged on a platter. Just right!





**Our kitchens process nuts (peanut free), dairy & wheat products. Trace amounts may be present. See our allergy information page for more details.

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