We bought our first cider press in 1976, and have never looked back. We make our own cider using a unique blend of fresh tree-ripened apples from our own orchard. Because of the variety of apples used, no two batches are ever exactly alike, resulting in a brand-new unique taste in every batch. Our 100% natural apple cider contains no preservatives and no added sugar or water, so you are assured that you are tasting nothing but the apples. We use an ultraviolet treatment for our cider, which is FDA approved and an equally safe alternative to heat pasteurization. We have chosen this process instead of pasteurization because it does not change the taste or nutritional value of the cider. Our cider is safe for children and for pregnant or nursing mothers, and we press year-round, so you never have to go without it.

Stop in today for a free sample of our new
apple cider slushies,
the perfect way to cool off on a hot day!

This is a great all-natural frozen drink with no added
water, sweeteners, or preservatives, so it's better for
you and your family!




Bottled Cider Prices:

Pint $1.75
Quart $2.25
Half Gallon $3.75
Gallon $6.50

Keep refrigerated





We're proud to press apple cider year-round! Sign up here to receive notifications of each pressing, so you can always have a fresh taste of fall!


More on the difference between pasteurization and ultraviolet treatment:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved both processes. Pasteurization involves heating the freshly pressed cider to 160 degrees for a few seconds, which kills any bacteria. The cider is then immediately cooled to prevent it from obtaining a "cooked" taste. This is the same process used to pasteurize milk.

UV treatment is a non-thermal process that meets FDA guidelines to obtain a 5-log reduction of pertinent pathogens, equivalent to 99.999% safe. The cider is passed by an ultraviolet light, which kills harmful bacteria. This process is called non-thermal because it does not heat the cider.

Lindsey's uses ultraviolet treatment because it does not change the taste or nutritional value of the cider, and leaves the cider safe for consumption by both young and old.

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