$1.00 each

6 / $5.50

12 / $9.00                      

Lindsey's apple cider donuts are cooked in vegetable oil, so they are trans-fat free and safe for those with peanut allergies (our kitchen is entirely peanut-free). We use our own apple cider, which is UV treated and safe for pregnant women and others with suppressed immune systems. The donuts are available either coated in cinnamon sugar or plain. Better yet, they are available all year, not just in the fall!



Apple cider donuts are best when they are still hot and fresh, but are always a fantastic treat. They are also not just for autumn. Due to popular demand, Lindsey's makes cider donuts year-round. So the next time you find yourself missing the sights and smells of fall, stop by Lindsey's and bite into a fresh apple cider donut, then wash it down with a refreshing glass of tangy apple cider.






We're proud to press apple cider year-round! Sign up here to receive notifications of each pressing, so you can always have a fresh taste of fall!

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