"I've always loved coming to your store...
...and now there's even more reasons to come!"

We're hearing a lot more comments like this now that our store includes our
Sweet Shoppe and Women's & Baby Boutiques.

Lindsey's Country Store & Sweet Shoppe
is just the same as you remember, only a whole lot sweeter!
Since 2015 and with the help of the original owner of Saratoga Sweets,
we added gourmet chocolates, fresh fudge and novelty candies to our selections.  
What a great pairing of products!

Well known for our signature muffins (we make over 50 flavors everyday!) and homemade pies (over 30 flavors!)
we also make cookies, brownies and various pastries like our enormous Halfmoon cookies & bear claws.

Stop in today for an assortment of gourmet truffles, Almond Buttercrunch, and hand-dipped chocolate creations.
Don't walk out without trying a free sample of our homemade fudge, with traditional, seasonal and creative varieties available everyday!

We are Southern Saratoga's Sweet Destination!




Welcome The Sweet Shoppe at Lindsey's Country Store!

An abundant selection of chocolate Truffles & Creams, Almond Buttercrunch, Caramels, Cordials, Turtles and more!  Chocolate available in Dark, Milk, White and Sugar Free.

Everyday, The Sweet Shoppe has a variety of our homemade fudge!  
Traditional flavors, Seasonal flavors and Lindsey's creative flavors await...and there are taste samples for everyone!

Ask about adding candies to any of our everyday baskets for a unique gift.


Flowers are pretty, but sometimes you need something more unique to brighten someone's day. When you find yourself in need of a special gift, let Lindsey's Country Store arrange you a custom packed muffin gift basket! Bursting with fabulous foods like our signature homemade muffins, fresh fruits, and assorted gourmet goodies, Lindsey's gift baskets are ideal in times of celebration or sorrow. Best of all, you can pick the basket that's just right for your needs, and can customize any aspect of it... from the variety of the muffins, the color of the bow, or the addition of a small gift item or other foods to make your gift one to remember.


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